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Art and Design guitar

Take a look at our collection of Art & Design guitars. All are handmade guitars. The guitars are equipped with high-quality materials. Violin shellacs are used for the finish. The naturally colored lacquers are provided with a special resin to protect the guitar well. The lacquers of the colored guitars have been given carrying blood allspice that gives a beautiful red color.

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Bought this for a friend for Christmas. Didn't really know his size, but apparently he usually wears a medium, so I went for it, thinking if it didn't fit him I could have it and buy him a large- sadly, it fitted very comfortably.
Diana Burnwood
Fast delivery I am content with my Heart stones.
Jessica Foxx​
These are 100% genuine, smell amazing, and have a great composition. This is a mixed pack of incenses from the BNG factory (handrolled) as well as the Mumbai one (dipped).
Lily Granger​
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